These four songs are the reflection of my learning experience, not only with LSD, but also with life itself, and how we are all interconnected. Of course, this was a failure due to my lack of knowledge in quantum mechanics.
In this experiment, not finished yet, I push myself into sleep/sugar deprivation, avoiding also all kinds of sauces ­‐specially mayonnaise­‐ and other kinds of experiments with my body and brain. Trying to put my feelings into music.
But this EP is not all about me, I use the wisdom of Timothy Leary to help you, guide you thru the trip. His words are all you need to enjoy this fantasy world.
Much better work did the remixers: Modus, Shaun J.Wright & Alinka, they help this baby walk.
Now I want to thank my Mom, Pawel Wróbel, Aérea Negrot, Modus, Shaun J.Wright & Alinka, Youtube and Forevergreen FM/LTD crew.