Get Up Recordings is back once again, this time with a double A-side release from fellow NYC DJ/producer, Eli Escobar. Eli has surfaced as one of the most exciting talents on the dance music scene. Well known for his remixes of artists like Diplo, M.I.A., Britney Spears, Chromeo, Nacho Lovers, Pase Rock, Amanda Blank & The Glass, he also has original releases on Nurvous Records, Plant Music and Wurst. Eli manages to combine all of his musical influences – New York Disco, 80s Hip-Hop and New Wave – into flawless productions that feed the imagination, touch the heart and move the feet. The Body EP features two original tracks and two House remixes for “Anotha Luv” coming from NYC’s House of Stank and Chicago’s Alinka. The EP kicks off with the 80’s Acid House-inspired track, “Anotha Luv”, jam-packed with diva vocals and classic melodic synth pads. Chicago DJ/producer, Alinka, known for her highly-regarded collaborations with fellow Chicagoan, Shaun J. Wright, takes a solo swing at “Anotha Luv” and knocks it out of the park with an early-Chicago Acid House remix. NYC production team, House of Stank (DJs Christy Love and W. Jeremy) give “Anotha Luv” the New York House treatment, complete with stacked key hits and a thumping bass line. The EP closes out with “Body”. With its hypnotic keys and building acid line, the track sounds like it came straight out of the vaults of early 90’s New York House classics. Another fantastic package from Get Up Recordings, this EP is a MUST for all the Classic House heads.