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“With its bare bones rhythms, single key synth lines and breathy spoken vocals, “Face The Truth” by Hercules & Love Affair alumnus Shaun J. Wright and fellow Chicago producer Alinka taps into the minimalist spirit of the Windy City’s early house music anthems by the likes of Robert Owens and Larry Heard. The title song on the duo’s forthcoming EP, which you can hear below, is the same sort of timeless track that has inspired dancers for decades. ”  – Thump –

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“Face The Truth” is like… say you took some kids that were brought up on Dirtybird or whatever toddlerwear that Mixmag insists you like. Then you kidnapped them, scared them a bit and then locked them in a boiler room (an actual boiler room) with nothing but rusty pipe water, a box of Saltines and a crate of Spencer Kincy and Romanthony records. In six months, if you unlocked the door and brought them back to the level where they could coherently express themselves without drooling… this is what they’d play” – 5 Magazine

Alinka is the kind of DJ other DJs tell you about. She has a power on the decks that sets her apart from the masses, and she’s resolutely focused on her first love – House Music.” – Decoded Magazine 

“The last track off  Twirl Exclusives Vol.1 is a new original from Shaun J. Wright& Alinka titled ‘The Love Divine,” and in typical fashion the team produced a track with infectious bass hooks, catchy vocal licks and low-slung drums.” – XLR8R 

“This illustrates an indisputable fact: The canonical laws of house were enforced as strongly over the past ten years as they have been over the sound’s entire history. The Alinka version of Eli Escobar’s “Anotha Luv” laced its acid-house bleeps with reliable, bitch-track-style throwback vocals.” – Bruce Tantum Beatport

“Tenacious party duo from Chicago, Shaun J. Wright & Alinka, debut their label with this tricky disco number. In tow, two mixes from Kim Ann Foxman and Stereogamous twist up the strobing, Tenaglia-inspired disco-fantasy of the original into their respective proto-house variations; both of these warped, system-testing mixes are strewn with the right amount of dazzling disco effects. ‘Journey into the Deep’ turns out to be a promising start and gets a full recommendation.” – DJ Mag

“As we enter 2015 its undeniable house music is the most popular its ever been, however the roots of house music cannot be forgotten. Conceived in a Chicago nightclub named Warehouse, the genre may have warped, shifted and evolved in numerous ways over the last three decades, nonetheless the Windy City still remains home for purveyors of the authentic house sound. Shaun J. Wright & Alinka are a testament to this statement.” – Ibiza Voice

“As a duo, their sound is at once weird, bright, and beautiful. Each song is indebted to and reflective of their numerous influences, from disco to house, while still maintaining a progressive edge through the use of icy synths, glitchy samples, and relatable, winsome lyrics.” – Britt Julious Chicago Tribune

So the unstoppable Chicago based pair that is Shaun J. Wright and Alinka are back with the 6th release on their imprint Twirl Records. These guys really have the Midas touch, absolutely everything they turn their hands to right now is pure gold. The productions of this pair are proper top notch, paying homage to their Chicago roots adding their own modern yet vintage style twists & twirls. Simple, yet expertly programmed vintage drums, analogue synths and bass all magically enhanced by Shaun’s vocals. – Lipstick Disco Reviews ‘It Keeps Turning’


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“There are at least a few people in this thing determined to Keep House Music Weird. Chicago’s Alinka is one of them. She debuts an EP for Get Up that is destined to become a “What the hell is that record?” record – the kind of thing DJs and dancers make a beeline to the booth to ask about at the end of a set.” – Terry Matthew 5Magazine

“‘Journey Into The Deep’ is a raw house cut with pure energy cutting up and sampling Hercules and Love Affair vocalist Shaun J. Wright’s gives the track that extra edge. Crazy drum productions and riffling subs really get this track going. One of the ladys of the moment Kim Ann Foxman gives her taste of things, toning the track down and giving it a bit of rhythm really takes the track into a new direction. Last up on the remixes is Stereogamous the duo give the title track the deep sounding production with a take of their ‘Journey Into The Deep’ leaving a psychedelic feel in the air waves.” – Upfront Beats 

“The original mix of ‘Journey Into The Deep’ is up first, embodying the raw and veritable house sound their home turf is known for, Wright’s vocals, notably known for featuring on Hercules & Love Affair material, lend a helping hand to creating the infectious vibe of the composition, while the crunchy drum sounds, stuttering arpeggio’s and rumbling subs round off the track as a hypnotic heavy hitter.” – Knobs Magazine

“This October will see Shaun J. Wright & Alinka launch the Twirl imprint with ‘Journey Into The Deep’, backed with remixes from Kim Ann Foxman and Stereogamous.” – Inhale

“Have you heard that we like house music? Shaun J. Wright & Alinka’s “Come Together” is a bangin’ house track that should be heard in houses all over the planet. They make a great pair, and certainly have come together to make an even better tune.” – Nicky Digital

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“All the rave kids must be thirsty after Movement Festival. Esp. if their home city’s producers are dropping heat like this just days after. Hands down the hottest track of the day. File under sweat it out music.” – Future Clasics

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